Industrial Process News Company of the Month

Andbarb is proud to announce that it has been selected by Industrial Process News as ‘Joining and Fastening Specialist Company of the Month’.

ANDBARB is a company that has designed a completely unique patented connector created for joining and fastening manufactured components together with one action. “I established ANDBARB in 2014 after the patent was issued, to prepare a proof of concept and to start developing and marketing a range of Fastening Devices,” said John Anderson, Managing Director.

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Andbarb X-ray

Photograph of an Andbarb x-ray kindly supplied by Chart Materials Characterisation Facility, School of Metallurgy & Metals, University of Birmingham.

ANDBARB X-RAY. Fastened 3D printed ANDBARB.
ANDBARB X-RAY. Fastened 3D printed ANDBARB.