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ANDBARB Connecting Device Description

Andbarb is a new patented connector for joining manufactured components together with one action which completely fastens them together. It is analogous to structurally zipping the components together. It can be used for an individual or multiple components depending on customer requirements in all industrial sectors.

Andbard has an inner and an outer part. One part being incorporated into each object that is being joined.  The joint is made by inserting the inner part into the outer part. There are corresponding projections ‘Barbs’ in each part that engage and lock the parts together.  The precise shape of the joining parts, and their barbs ensure security of the joint.  The quality of the joint is assured  by a visual inspection of the joint confirming the correct engagement.

Andbarb is designed from the beginning to be in a World Wide Web (WWW) based Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and Distribution Network (DMADN).  An algorithm  computes the size and shape of the connectors. Then this information can be communicated over the WWW by the Manufacturing Information Management System (MIMS). This is used for the Computer Aided Design (CAD) of the two Andbarb connectors located in their respective components. The CAD/MIMS information is sent  on the (DMADN) for manufacturing using CAM/CNC and the connectors are integrated  into components over the WWW so the sites can be separate and remote. This enables integration of the Supply Chain Management of the DMADN for Customer Relationship Management. In addition as each Andbarb is a uniquely shaped only the correct components  to be assembled together preventing counterfeit components. We are examining with BSI a standard for Andbarb.

Andbarb App will also be available for individual consumers to provide a connector for their 3D prints.

Manufacturers’ benefits

Two examples of sizes.
Two examples of sizes.

Benefits to the manufacturers include:

  • Low investment costs.
  • Using existing manufacturing: materials, equipment and skills.
  • Control of Supply Chain,
  • Web Design Manufacture Assembly Distribution,
  • Prevents Counterfeiting,
  • Improved Customer Relationships.

Andbarb requires minimum investment for manufacturing as design and manufacture is uniquely for each application taking into account the existing equipment, materials and production resources.  Andbarb can be manufatured with minimum skill so requires minimum training allowing automation improving quality. Andbarb can be incorporated in the original components dimensions.

Assembly benefits

ANDBARB inner component being inserted into outer component.
ANDBARB inner component being inserted into outer component.
  • Assembly of components can be at any site,
  • Only the correct members are connected,
  • Less material costs,
  • Less resources,
  • Less energy,
  • Less waste,
  • Less Damage,
  • Easy training,
  • Improves Customer Relationship Management.

ANDBARB’s  simplicity provides a faster assembly  process for any supply chain even  when sites are remote.   Improvements include: quality assurance of joints, reliability, saves resources including energy, a tidier work places, financial gain and greater safety.

Products can be transported from manufacture in component form for assembly at the optimum location close to the consumer market. Andbarb is individually shape coded for each component so only the correct assembly is possible reducing damage.

Assembly requires only that correct components  joints are  aligned visually, then the components are pushed together by feel, and a click signals the correct assembly which can be visually inspected to assure quality. Assembly can be automated with the minimum investment. The simplicity of assembly allows use by robots in a hostile or hazardous environment that humans have difficulty working in e.g. nuclear facilities, underwater, underground, and in space.

Increases Customers’ satisfaction

  • Assured appearance,
  • Secure connection,
  • Quick Delivery,
  • Assured Connection,
  • Assured Quality,
  • Reduced Maintenace,
  • Reduced Cost.

Andbarb is designed and manufactured to provide customer satisfaction by completely fulfilling its purpose for each specific product. Andbarb’s accurate method of jointing assures correct appearance and secure connection. The push fit connection is fast, accelerating the supply chain and delivery. Quality of connection is assured by visual inspection reducing maintenance. Costs are reduced by the simpler operation and less material increasing affordability.

Increases Communities’ satisfaction

  • Less environmental impact,
  • Improves safety,
  • Improves use of natural resources,
  • Available worldwide,
  • Improves world trade,
  • Improves communities’ well being.

Andbarb enables communities to benefit from an improved use of natural resources in a supply chain that provides the correct product with minimum waste and damage reducing environmental impact. Counterfeiting and associated failure are impossible so improving safety. Andbarb connects communities globally and empowers them to benefit from the latest technology. Transport costs are reduced by shipping products in component form or even for 3D manufacture form. All of these increase global trade between communities so increasing wealth and public health and reducing poverty.

We can provide an Andbarb Edge connector for any industrial sector, e.g. Construction, Transport, Medical, Electrical, Power etc. Future additions to this will include products for each of the sectors. If you have any requirements please email us.