Connecting Device – a unique globally patented connector for a safe, secure, sustainable, efficient way of joining and fastening manufactured components. Designed with a unique algorithm and CAD for communicating on the web. Enables complete supply chain management of manufacturing networks.

ANDBARB – is an economic solution for securely fastening components together in all manufacturing sectors. It requires little investment to install and use. It is suitable for an automated supply chain. It uses few resources, which benefits the environment. Andbarb has now progressed through ‘Rapid prototyping’ towards Proof of Concept and testing.

ANDBARB works on the simple principal of the Barb. The inner member fits firmly into an outer member. There are corresponding ‘Barbs’ in each member that engage in related slots and securely lock them together. The quality of the joint is assured by a visual inspection confirming the correct engagement.

ANDBARB is uniquely designed for each purpose by using a specific algorithm with CAD. This design can be communicated anywhere on the World Wide Web, for integration into the supply chain giving complete control over assembly.

Manufacturers’ benefits

ANDBARB is economic to produce, using existing equipment, in plastic, metal or hybrid. It provides a connection using less resources to meet assured quality standards. Manufacture can be located at optimum locations as integrity of the supply chain is maintained as only the correct components can be assembled.

Assembly benefits

ANDBARB provides a faster assembly  process for any supply chain even on remote sites. Improvements include: quality assurance of joints, reliability, a tidier work places, and financial gain and greater safety. Less material costs, less resources, less waste, less environmental impact and less training

Increases customers’ satisfaction

Satisfies customer needs for quality assurance, prompt response and cost savings. Provides exact joint as designed. Reduces cost and time. Life time costs are reduced as quality joints need less maintenance while saving energy.

Community benefits

Andbarb can be manufactured from recycled materials, has better use of natural resources and uses less carbon energy. Improved connections reduces failures and accidents, lowering cost and risk providing economic products.

John Anderson MSc

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